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Why You Need a Professional School Pick-up and Drop-off Service

Do you need student transportation services for your child or children? Are you a busy parent looking for a safe and convenient way to transport your child to and from school? Private school pick up and drop off services are the perfect solution to ensure your child can get to school safely, without the risks associated with public transport and other forms of commuting. Our professional drivers are the experts in child transportation to offer you complete peace of mind.

The Benefits of Professional School Pick-up and Drop-off

There are so many reasons why parents and other caregivers may use the services of a professional driver for school transportation. With busy lives and careers, many people struggle to fit the daily school pick-up and drop-off into their schedules. A professional service offers the perfect solution to ensure your child makes it to school on time and home safely at the end of the day.

Safe Transportation

Every parent and caregiver wants nothing more than to ensure the safety of their child. While we would all love to be able to watch over our children every moment of the day, this simply isn’t possible. The daily commute to school can be a source of stress for many parents, who aren’t sure about the safety of letting their child travel to school on their own. A professional school pick-up and drop-off service provides complete peace of mind. Parents can be confident that their child is in safe hands every moment of the trip to and from school. Our drivers are specially trained to provide a safe and comforting presence for children, and all clients have the opportunity to get to know our staff before using our services. We pre-plan all pick up and drop off spots so that children know exactly where to be for their arranged transportation and drivers can deliver them safely back to their front door.

Expert Drivers

When it comes to navigating busy city streets, an experienced and knowledgeable driver is a requirement for a safe and comfortable ride. All of our drivers have been working as professional chauffeurs for many years, and they are experts at transporting all sorts of people to different destinations. Drivers working with children receive specialised training. Our drivers prepare for assignments by familiarising themselves with the route and locations beforehand to provide an exceptional service and ensure your child is safely transported to and from school.

Traffic Navigation

Often, trips to school and pick up at the end of the day occur during peak hour with lots of traffic on the roads. Combine this with the frantic rush to get ready in the morning, and it’s easy to see how some kids are late to school! Our drivers are experts at navigating heavy traffic. They plan for all conditions and make sure that your child arrives at the school gate with plenty of time to spare.

Hygienic Environment

Especially during times of COVID-19 and the threat of infection, many parents are concerned about their child being in busy and crowded public places. Public transport can become a breeding ground for infection, especially amongst children who may not be as diligent about sanitising hands and not touching their face. Our drivers are trained in hygiene and virus control, having undertaken courses in COVID-19 infection control training with the Department of Health and hygiene awareness for drivers training with the Transport Alliance Australia. All drivers are under strict instructions not to come to work if they have any cold or flu-like symptoms, and their uniforms are washed daily. Our cars are cleaned thoroughly between every ride, creating a safe and hygienic environment where your child can relax at the beginning and end of the school day. To help your child protect themselves against the COVID-19 virus and other health risks, we provide them with extra hand sanitiser and tissues to use during the school day.

Child Seats as Required

It is crucial that all children are seated in an age-appropriate seat during car transport. We provide child seats in a range of sizes, professionally fitted and of the highest quality and safety rating. Our drivers are experienced in utilising these safety measures and ensuring that car seats are utilised on all journeys.

Luxury Vehicles for School Transportation

If you’re looking for a school pick up and drop off service near me that uses only the most comfortable, stylish and safe vehicles, use the team at Drive Me 2. All of our student transport options are premium cars that feature the very best in safety features, entertainment and more. Our high-end vehicles include luxury car brands like Audi and Mercedes-Benz. We also offer a fleet of green electric vehicles. All of these cars have the highest safety ratings, so that in the unlikely event of an accident your child will be kept safe from injury. All of our vehicles are regularly inspected and serviced to ensure they continue to meet high safety standards.

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