At Drive Me 2, we are committed to removing the burden of anxiety and stress that comes with all journeys, including journeys for important and confidential parcels. If you have an important parcel that needs to be delivered throughout Brisbane, Toowoomba, the Sunshine Cost and the Gold Coast, our driver delivery service will guarantee its safe and punctual arrive at its destination.

By entrusting a Drive Me 2 driver with your parcel delivery, your parcel will become our highest priority rather than being just one parcel among a myriad of others competing for priority in a standard courier service. Remove all stress about your parcel being lost, damaged or delivered late by giving the job to our professional, reliable and experienced chauffeurs.

How It Works

Drive Me 2’s delivery service aspires to be your most trusted method for getting important parcels to where they need to be.

Our chauffeurs understand that parcels entrusted into our service are often fragile, time sensitive and confidential. Thus we do everything we can to ensure your parcel is attended to swiftly so that it reaches its destination in the shortest timeframe possible, yet is still handled with care and privacy to protect the parcel’s contents.

Our premium delivery service is one that you can trust. We pride ourselves on our reputation for professionalism and competency, which means no Drive Me 2 chauffeur will ever tamper with or compromise your parcel and will instead deliver it with a level of reliability that cannot be guaranteed by standard couriers.

Why Choose Drive Me 2

To never worry about your parcel deliveries again, choose to have a Drive Me 2 chauffeur see the job through.

  • Thanks to our chauffeurs’ extensive knowledge of Queensland roads, they can identify the quickest routes depending on the time of day and deliver time-sensitive packages and documents with unparalleled efficiency.
  • If the fragile or confidential nature of your parcel is a concern, Drive Me 2 is the service you need in order to have the privacy and security of your parcel guaranteed. Your parcel will always be safe in the hands of our drivers and by choosing Drive Me 2, you can relieve yourself of worries and concerns.
  • Just like our chauffeur services in which every Drive Me 2 passenger is treated like a VIP, every parcel we deliver is considered the number one priority of our drivers.

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