Mini Bus Hire

The Complete Guide to Mini Bus Hire

Hire a mini bus and driver to take the stress out of group trips and arrive to your destination in style and comfort. Don’t leave it to unreliable public transport or taxis to get around – hire a 12 seater mini bus and relax knowing that your customised trip has been taken care of.

Why Choose to Hire a Mini Bus?

Need to travel in a large group? Why spend money on multiple cars or rideshares when you can easy transport a group of up to 11 people in comfort and style. Hiring a mini bus allows you to relax, knowing that all your needs are taken care of and your entire group are travelling together. When you hire a mini bus, you get access to an experienced and dedicated driver. These experts know the geography of the area like the back of their hand, so you know that you’re taking the best route to your destination. You can rely on your driver to be ready and waiting for you when it’s time to leave or move to a new location – no standing in the street trying to flag down a taxi or waiting for your Uber to appear. Plus, if your day involves alcohol, you can enjoy yourself without the stress of choosing a designated driver, knowing your reliable transportation is organised ahead of time. One of the main advantages of hiring a mini bus and driver is that you can customise your journey. Don’t worry about navigating set routes on existing bus lines or other public transport – wherever and whenever you need to travel, your dedicated driver is ready for you. Plan a multi-day trip, make spontaneous stops and have different pick up and drop off locations. It’s easy to make your own arrangements and relax, knowing your travel logistics have been taken care of. If you’re planning to visit multiple places in one day, getting around can be stressful and time consuming. Added to that is the hassle of needing to take everything you have with you – bags, coats, and more – every time you arrive at a new destination. But when you hire a mini bus, the space is yours for the day. Travel in comfort and style, with ample room for luggage, onboard entertainment systems, air conditioning and climate control. You can even opt for complimentary beverages. You’ll be the envy of everyone else on the road! And if you think hiring a 12 seater mini bus is going to blow your travel budget, think again. Because mini bus hire bookings are made with a set price, rather than based on time and distance travelled, it can often work out to be cheaper than a taxi or rideshare. Because of the size of a mini bus, the cost can be split between more people, making it cheaper per head.

Where Can You Go in A 12 Seater Mini Bus?

When you hire a mini bus, the choice of destination is up to you! 12 seater mini buses are perfect for any occasion, and can be hired for a variety of services. Because you have the use of the bus for as long as you need, you can easily visit multiple locations without having to pay extra. You can also go to destinations far from home without worrying about exorbitant costs in a taxi or rideshare. Need some destination inspiration? Here are our favourite reasons for hiring a mini bus:
  • Winery tours. Is there a better way to enjoy a Sunday than visiting some of the best local wineries and sipping the afternoon away? Gather a group of friends and make your own itinerary of your favourite vineyards. With a dedicated driver, you can taste to your heart’s content!
  • Weekends away. Escape the city and customise your own dream weekend getaway. With a 12 seater mini bus, you can visit any amount of destinations you want with your family or friends. Explore far and wide, knowing your mini bus hire is at set cost.
  • Weddings. Big bridal party? Turn up to the ceremony in style. A 12 seater mini bus can fit even the biggest wedding dress and troupe of bridesmaids! Plus, the driver can take you on to your photographs, reception, and more.
  • Sports events. Whether you’re going to watch the professionals on the big stage, or you’re one of the players, a mini bus is a greater way to gather the team. Pump the team song through the bus speakers and get excited for the win!
  • Seaport transfer. Taking off to see the world? Your luxury voyage doesn’t have to wait until you board the ship. Travel to the boat or ferry terminal in a mini bus and relax knowing the first steps of your trip will run smoothly.
  • Conferences. For work trips outside the city, there’s no better way to transport a group of executives than in a luxury 12 seater. With comfortable interiors and a dedicated driver, the car can even become an extension of the office.

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