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Heading Overseas? Tips for a Smooth International Airport Drop Off & Pick Up

Everyone loves a holiday, but organising a big overseas trip takes a lot of admin work. Sometimes just getting to the airport and on to your plane can be the most stressful part of any journey. If you’re travelling with kids or a large group, this can be particularly headache inducing.

With the covid-19 situation finally calming down, a lot of us are travelling overseas for the first time in years. While you may have been a seasoned traveller before, this new era of travel comes with even more things to organise and keep track of.

Alleviate your stress by following our top tips for ensuring a smooth departure. We cover everything from organising transport before your day of take-off and whether you should opt for a luxury vehicle to get you to and from the airport.

Organise Transport to and From the Airport

The best way to start your international journey off on a good note is to make sure you get to the airport on time. Depending on the time of the day, traffic can be unreliable and you could find yourself stuck in massive delays, especially if you opt for public transport or a taxi service.

Considering driving your own car and leaving it in long-term airport storage? While this might seem like a good idea, do you really want to leave your vehicle in a random carpark for days on end, and be paying for it? We suggest leaving your car safe at home and instead opting for a private driver.

A trained, professional driver brings many benefits when it comes to international airport transfers. Most importantly, their years of experience means they understand the route, what time you should leave and the best routes to get there. No matter the traffic conditions, weather or time of the day, a skilled driver will get you there on-time.

Choose a Transfer Service That Meets Your Needs

Not all international airport drop-off services are the same. Consider what’s most important to you and what should be a priority when you are being transported to the airport.

Is your flight for a short business trip? In this case you’ll most likely be travelling alone and without much luggage. You’ll probably suit a smaller premium vehicle that chooses luxury and comfort over space and storage.

Are you travelling with your family for a big holiday? A versatile luxury minibus is a great option as they can easily fit up to 11 passengers along with all of your luggage. If you have young kids or infants travelling with you, then make sure you are picking a service that provides child car seat options at your convenience. You don’t definitely don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your driver has shown up without a seat and you have a flight you need to catch.

Start Your Holiday the Minute You Leave the House

Whoever said your holiday doesn’t start until you land at your destination? We at Drive Me 2 believe that your holiday should start the minute you leave your house. That’s why we highly recommend opting for a luxurious, top-of-the-line international airport drop off experience.

The highest quality vehicle services will offer a range of deluxe amenities for your trip to the airport, including sleek leather upholstery, a plasma screen TV, complimentary beverages and ambient lighting. A luxury vehicle will really get you in the mood to sit back, relax and enjoy your trip, right from the second you leave home.

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