Eco Friendly Cars Bringing Style And Comfort To Life

Drive Me 2 is proud to offer a fresh fleet of eco friendly cars for sustainable and environmentally-conscious travellers. Whether you are travelling to a conference, the airport, and everything in between, the Drive Me 2 team offers a range of vehicles that boast sustainability, without compromising on comfort. From the first electric car developed in 1890, to the big name luxury car brands that are making gains in the green vehicle space, these high-tech solutions are paving the way for sophisticated travellers. Since 2011, there have been over 40,000 sales of electric vehicles in Australia, with 2022 expected to be a bumper year.

Tell Me About Eco Friendly Hybrid Cars

Eco friendly hybrid cars are the way of the future. Together, with their smart navigation systems and minimum impact on the environment, these cars produce less emissions and pollution than traditional vehicles. Unlike pre-existing vehicles, our electric vehicles are powered by an electric engine, which features a chargeable battery. This renewable energy source means they are charged overnight, and do not emit any dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere during your trip. The Drive Me 2 fleet offers cleaner electric and hybrid model vehicles. This means you can book one of these greener alternatives and travel guilt-free to your next destination.

Style Without Compromising on Safety

Electric vehicles are the perfect choice for the modern-day traveller. If you are on the hunt for a luxurious transport experience, you cannot look any further than an eco friendly car. Our vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art navigation, entertainment and temperature control systems, which means you can relax before your long-haul flight, or prepare for your next important conference meeting.

Our Range of Green Car Options

Drive Me 2 is a trailblazer in the eco friendly car space. We are proud to offer two environmentally friendly car options that are not matched by our competitors in the market. Tesla Everyone has heard the name ‘Tesla,’ but have you ever travelled in one before? Since the start of the eco friendly car revolution, Tesla has paved the way for state-of-the-art travel. The brand is the most popular for electric vehicles sold in Australia. As such, it is no surprise that our Tesla range is a popular choice for people who are seeking to travel in style. Our Tesla vehicles possess a range of highly-attractive features, including:
  • multi-device Bluetooth, wireless capabilities and 36-watt USB-C charging ports
  • a 22-speaker and 960-watt audio system with active noise reduction
  • spacious and comfortable seating arrangements, with plenty of space for luggage
  • spacious and comfortable seating arrangements, with plenty of space for luggage
  • an aerodynamic silhouette
  • premium safety features, including automatic emergency braking.
Each of our Tesla cars use the best in innovative technology, which guarantees fast acceleration and a long travel range. Together, these features are bound to turn heads and blow your guests away when you arrive at your intended destination. Lexus Hybrid If you are seeking an attractive ride that offers the perfect blend of comfort and quality, then our Lexus Hybrid could be for you. This vehicle combines the thrust of a traditional engine with modern-day environmentally friendly features. It includes a self-charging battery and technologically-savvy electric motor, which offers a leaner and greener alternative for travellers. It also reduces the external noise and sound of the vehicle, so you can finish off any paperwork, or rest between meetings. The sleek Japanese design also boasts plenty of legroom, and a spacious luggage area for all of your bags and belongings. This means our Lexus Hybrid will be a sure-fire winner when you are next arriving at the airport, hotel, conference or VIP event. Our drivers will ensure that all of your entertainment needs are met, with eight surround-sound speakers, and a voice-activated device control, Apple and Android integration, and fast-charging USB ports. When matched with one of our expert chauffeurs, our Lexus Hybrid’s comprehensive safety and navigational systems mean you will also feel entirely safe and secure when you are travelling. In addition, you can relax in comfort with advanced climate-control features to ensure that you travel with ease. Our eco friendly car alternatives are the perfect choice for all sorts of travel. Our professional drivers know the streets of southeast Queensland like the back of their hands, and guarantee to transfer you in style, comfort and ahead of schedule. Our green car options suit a wide range of needs. You can choose one of our Lexus Hybrid or Tesla vehicles for:
  • Airport transfers
  • Corporate transfers
  • Hotel transfers
  • Private tours

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