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Arrival Time at the Airport – Our Guide for International and Domestic Flights

Going away on holiday or for a business trip? Whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, getting to the airport on time is crucial for avoiding unnecessary stress! But even seasoned travellers sometimes find themselves asking: what time should I get to the airport? We have all the answers to make your travel experience seamless and stress free.

What time to get to the Airport for a Domestic Flight

As a general rule, you should always arrive at the airport one hour ahead of your domestic flight. This should give you plenty of time to check in, drop off your luggage, move through security and get to your gate with time to spare. Remember that check in for most airlines closes 30 minutes before departure. Arriving too late could mean your luggage doesn’t make it on the plane, or worse – you miss your flight altogether!

What time to get to the Airport for an International Flight

It is recommended that international travellers arrive at the airport between two and three hours before their flight. This is because it takes longer to move through international customs, with passport verification and other security checks. Additionally, international flights typically use a larger plane, and more passengers can mean more time to get everyone through.

Tips for Getting Through Airport Security Faster

Once you get to the airport, you don’t want to waste time moving slowly through airport security and customs. Here are some tips to make the whole process as quick and smooth as possible.
  • Have your documents ready. Don’t put your boarding pass and passport right at the bottom of your carry on luggage – keep everything you’re going to need within easy reach so you can have them on hand when you need to.
  • Streamline your carry on luggage. Think about what you’re likely to have to take out (normally laptops and other electronics) and have them in an easy to reach place. Avoid a lot of small loose items and segment your carry on into smaller internal bags if needed.
  • Think about your outfit. You know those shoes with lots of straps? Not the best choice for taking on and off in a busy security line. A simple outfit, without a belt if possible, is the best way to avoid taking off layers.

Best way to Travel to the Airport

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